The skin artist

All the objects in the collections are born from the craftsmanship of Marco Messeri Biagiotti, the artist who personally signs each creation. Every single object is handmade with care and dedication, but above all with that personal touch that makes each piece exclusive and one of a kind.
The distinctive feature of each object created by Marco is the metallic soul that the artist manages to incorporate into his small leather work of art. The soul, in fact, allows its objects to move with elegance, shaped by the hands of those who own them.
Each object is a unique and original piece and anyone who wants to experience the magic of an object that comes to life can make it even more special by choosing the colors and combinations they love most, but not only... Marco is always available to create together with his customers new unique objects that can respond to everyone's specific desires. In fact, each customer is unique and special like Marco's works.